Jayne Thomas: American Decoration

Jayne Thomas: American Decoration

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Жанр: Monacelli Press
Издательство: Monacelli Press, 2012

This is the first monograph on the work of Thomas Jayne Design Studio, a group that approaches interiors from the point of view that an understanding of the history of the decorative arts and architecture can provide insight into current ideals of decoration. Such awareness can also be a springboard for new decoration, in which traditional and classic tenets can be seen and utilized in new ways. Drawing on a rich academic background in the decorative arts, Thomas Jayne brings a unique voice stepped in the history of interiors and objects to his work. His reverence for traditional ideas goes beyond simple replication. Rather he interprets them with a fresh modern hand, providing new meaning and relevance in the process. In this collection of more than 24 residences, both city and country homes, Jayne reveals the inspiration and thought behind each design, identifying elements from the architecture, from the client's collection, from the site that served as the basis for the decoration of the rooms.
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