West Juliet: Before the Fall

West Juliet: Before the Fall

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Жанр: Macmillan Publishers
Издательство: Macmillan Publishers, 2014

I think the war is everywhere: in the rain, in the river, in the grey air that we breathe. It is a current which runs through all of us. You can't escape the current; either you swim with it, or you go under. London Docklands, 1916. With her husband fighting in France, 24-year-old Hannah Loxwood struggles to be everything the war asks her to be. She cares for her children, supports her elderly parents, she pays her way. But as the fighting drags on Hannah grapples with the overwhelming burden of 'duty'. She sacrifices everything for a husband who may never come home until she's faced with the most dangerous of temptations — because what Hannah hasn't realised is that this war has been sent to test the women at home as much as it tests the men abroad. Based on a tragic true story, BEFORE THE FALL hurls you into war-torn London and offers an intimate glimpse of a family's struggles. It explores the devastating effect of the war on those left behind and the agonising decisions that have to be made. But above all this is a love story. As relevant now as it was then and with a twist that will leave you breathless...
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