Orlov Aleksandr: Aleksandr and the Mysterious Knightkat

Orlov Aleksandr: Aleksandr and the Mysterious Knightkat

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Жанр: Gardners
Издательство: Gardners, 2012

'Welcome readers of all sizes! I think you are opening this very special book with feeling of great excitement. It has everything you could want in a story: Suspense! Action! Huge Braveness! And very importantly a hero of great handsomeness'! When Aleksandr discovers that the stinky half metal, half mongoose scoundrel that is evil Doctor Robogoose has captured his beloved Princess Maiya, he has to don his Turbo-Charged Flying Cape and swoop to the rescue. Will he be successful? Will he save the girl and see the wind make patterns in her soft fur? Also available: Bogdan and the Big Race, Maiya in the Beautiful Ballet, Sergei's Space Adventure, Vassily the King of Rock, Yakov Saves Christmas.
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